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A local fish store,
that specializes in aquarium  design,
install, & maintenance.

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Sioux Falls Aquatics

We are a local fish store, that has been specializing in designing, installing, and maintaining your perfect aquarium, since 2012.


Our local fish store offers a wide range of products from the aquarium itself and all the equipment, to the fun parts of the fish, coral, invertebrates and plants, to the little details of all dry goods needed to run a successful aquarium.  Our team is well-equipped to cater to both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts of all levels.


Our team is made up of experts in our field, fully-trained and fully-insured to be able to bring the best aquarium services we can!  We offer everything from the design and install to regular maintenance or just an one time maintenance visit.  We service both fresh water and salt water aquariums in both business and residential settings. 


 If you're looking to start the tank of your dreams or add another fish we are here to help you explore your options.

Satisfied Customers

"Matt and Trista have been incredible to work with, and they have been virtual to the success of my reef aquarium. Friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable! Matt has practically become an extension of my family,  as he has been expertly maintaining my home tank for

several years now."

Clint Brunner

"Incredible local fish store! Super knowledgeable and helpful staff. I love coming in here and seeing the beautiful fish they have. Really impressed with the high quality products in stock."

Elaine Crawford

Matt, Trista, and their staff are helpful and have ton of great knowledge with no shortage of saltwater fish and coral plus all the dry goods to go with

it at the store."

Chris Uthe

Let's Discuss 
Your Perfect Aquarium.

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811 E 50th St N, Sioux Falls, SD 57104


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