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About Sioux Falls Aquatics

Our family owned and operated business is committed to create healthy ecosystems that capture the imagination and soothe the mind.  Offering a comprehensive range of services, from design and installation to regular maintenance, ensures that both residential and business clients can enjoy the benefits of beautiful aquariums without the hassle.  Whether it's starting from scratch with a new build or revamping an existing aquarium, our team ensures that clients receive top-notch service tailored to their specific needs.


How it Started

It's inspiring to see how Matt and Trista Wichers' passion for aquariums led them to establish Sioux Falls Aquatics initially as an aquarium maintenance company in 2012. With great success, they opened a fully operational store front in 2014 serving the local community. 


Starting from a simple hobby, in early 2008 when Trista brought home a fish tank from a lady at their church. Like many aquarium enthusiasts their thirst for knowledge grew quickly. Curiosity blossomed into passion, from enthusiast to advanced hobbyist Matt worked his way onto the board of Sioux Falls Area Aquarium Society. While serving Matt volunteered countless hours for years in the Marine Cove at the Sertoma Butterfly House helping create a landmark for the first Public Aquarium in Sioux Falls. With such a successful accomplishment under his belt and the support of his wife Trista, they decided to form Sioux Falls Aquatics.

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